Columbia Savings Bank was founded from modest beginnings. On October 29, 1892, the Elmont No.2 Building and Saving Co. was formed by Herman Leiser, Silas T. Jennings, Charles Pitton, John M. Keber, and Joseph White for the purposes of:


"raising money to be loaned among the members and depositors of such corporation for use in buying lots or homes or in building or refinancing houses or other purposes."


The first recorded Board Meeting was held on November 19, 1892; at that time the bank consisted of a few hundred dollars. In November 1902 the Elmont No.2 Building and Saving Company was renamed The Corryville Building and Saving Company existed until it was renamed The Columbia Savings and Loan Company in May 1970. The name would change one more time as it became a state-chartered savings bank and thus the name we know today, Columbia Savings Bank.

The Bank is located at 411 Ludlow Ave in the heart of Clifton's gaslight district. Since its beginning in 1892, Columbia Savings Bank has grown to more than 73 million in assets today. Though the name has changed, Columbia Savings Bank has always remained true to the area where it was founded and remains.

Today, Columbia Savings Bank offers a full range of modern banking services to people and businesses worldwide with the same personal service we were founded on more than a century ago